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Qingdao Tsukiji Foods Technology Co., Ltd. is a Sino US joint venture enterprise. is a research and development, production, processing and export of integrated food processing enterprises. It can be divided into conditioning workshop, fishery workshop, bread workshop and green plum production workshop. We are engaged in the production and processing of frozen potato cake, frozen vegetable cake, frozen pumpkin cake, frozen pumpkin pie, frozen spring roll, frozen squid products, frozen fish slices, frozen shrimps, frozen Spanish mackerel, green plum wine, green plum juice and so on. The total value of the registered capital of the company is 5 million 900 ......[ Read More >>]


Contact Person: Ms.Cui


Mobile Phone:86-13969623239


Add:China Shandong Qingdao Huangdao District Jiaonan Street office 358 back Hill Road

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